Thank You for supporting Crail Preservation Society

Crail Preservation Society (CPS) is an organisation that reached the grand old age of 62 years in September 2021. The overall objectives have remained largely unchanged; that is to preserve the architecture, historic character and ambience of the Royal Burgh of Crail, also to improve the amenity of Crail and to co-operate with the Trustees of Crail Museum. Crail Museum grew within CPS until becoming an independent trust in 1993.

CPS is the custodian of properties that have been bought or given as transfers, gifts and bequests to CPS since the 1960’s. These include; Denburn Park, The Doocot, Memorial Garden (in Denburn), Triangle Park, 62 Marketgate, 64 Marketgate, Part of Denburn Wood, Pinkerton Wood and most recently the Doocot pathway. CPS along with Crail Museum and a small army of volunteers look after these special features within Crail.

CPS has a respected advisory role when reviewing Fife Council planning applications and will comment on or object to proposals that do not maintain or enrich the architecture and historic atmosphere of Crail.

CPS has completed, and is currently active with, a number of projects that will help us fulfil the CPS objectives:

  • In conjunction with Crail Community Council we completed the Charrette (Community Consultation Process) that delivered the Crail Local Place Plan in 2019
  • Doocot Restoration – with funding from the CPS reserves, supported by Grants from Historic Environment Scotland, the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Crail Common Good Fund and the Helen Main Fund. (Annual maintenance estimated to be >£2,000 per annum). 
  • The Crail Kirkyard Flyer information sheet. Complete in 2020.

Current Projects

  • Crail Kirkyard – Mural Monument Conservation – initially supported by The Pilgrims Trust to develop the Kirkyard Monument Conservation Statement. 
  • Delivering the Conservation Statement to Fife Council triggered a major amount of Kirkyard conservation work carried out by Fife Council, completed in 2021. 
  • The first CPS Kirkyard project,  The Lumsden Monument conservation work (~£43,000) started in 2021 and will be completed in the spring of 2022. 
  • Mercat Cross restoration (>£25,000). Started in 2021 and will complete in the spring of 
  • Denburn Wood Extension – to acquire Fife Council owned section of Denburn Wood – 2022
  • Denburn Park path – 2023

Crail Preservation Society continues to thrive because of the willingness of volunteers to work towards our objectives and the financial contributions that are collected through bequests, memberships, donations or fund raising.

Please help us keep working towards our objectives and financially support Crail Preservation Society.