Planning Policy

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The Crail Preservation Society works closely with other local organisations and Fife Council to ensure the long-term benefit of any new developments or other alterations to the historic landscape of Crail and the surrounding area.

Our current planning policy is as follows:

Crail Preservation Society (CPS) will support new developments which improve or maintain the historical character and ambience of Crail and vigorously oppose any developments which do not.

CPS prefer that any new developments are contained within the existing boundaries of Crail, however, where the approved Local Plan has identified housing or other development outwith the existing boundaries any proposals for these areas will be reviewed by CPS on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Will it enhance  or maintain the historical character of Crail
  • Will it detract from the historical character or ambience of Crail
  • Will it be a benefit to Crail
  • Is it an example of good design in architecture and/or urban planning
  • Will it create a nuisance eg noise, increased traffic, smell etc
  • Is it large scale development

CPS is particularly opposed to one off large scale housing developments and would prefer to see phased smaller scale development carried out over a long number of years to better reflect natural growth and expansion.

CPS will oppose development changes which seek to revise previously approved planning applications where this is for purely commercial gain and/or reduces quality.

CPS recognises that growth is essential to the long term health and viability of the community but it must be closely controlled and monitored and be in a form acceptable to the residents of Crail.