Denburn Dispatches, August 2018

Denburn 2

Another fine day on August 4th saw a good turn out for the monthly Denburn tidy up. Fortunately the shade there and a slightly cooling breeze kept the temperature bearable.

Between the 8 or so of us we raked, litter picked and weeded paths, cut back over hanging vegetation, weeded the flower bed and planted some new perennials then top dressed them with sludge dug out of the burn in earlier months. Two of the blokes did some path repairs ready for new surfacing later in the year. Logs, stick and boulders that had somehow made their way into the burn or beds were removed.

Diggers at work

Although there is less in flower now, there are still some pretty pink geraniums and blue cranesbill (their wild relative) to see plus it looks like the cornflowers may flower again soon and there are plenty of seed heads everywhere.

Sadly a dead adult sparrowhawk was found beyond the compost heaps and young sparrow hawks were heard calling when, presumably, their remaining parent came to feed them – I hope they survive.

Denburn 3
The flowerbed rejuvenated.

So thanks once again to all volunteers. We’ll be back again on Saturday 1st September at 10am. No gardening experience necessary! I hope we’ll see you there.

Helen Byres

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