Denburn Dispatches, September 2019

Once more we had a lovely sunny day for our workday in Denburn, although it didn’t bring our volunteers out in such good numbers as we’ve had all over the summer. It was however good to see Victor back on his feet for a quick visit of inspection.

We mainly concentrated on some much-needed pruning back of trees and shrubs that were overwhelming the paths and benches – especially the berberis that was attacking people brave enough to sit on the bench backing onto the damp area. Also by pruning some of the more vigorous trees we let more light into the shrubs beneath to give them a little sunlight. The paths were all raked and we measured up the bare slope for autumn planting. Barrowloads of watermint and other water weeds were removed from the burn to improve flow ahead of any winter flooding issues. A start was made on clearing docks and other large weeds around the tree stump and lovely rowan tree  but much more will be needed there next time.

Butterflies and berries are providing lots of colour at the moment in Denburn – there is always something to catch the eye of visitors. Undergrowth is already trying to hide the stump of the fallen tree, which nevertheless is still trying to grow!

The leaf mould compost bin is maturing nicely and there may well be some lovely compost to take away next time, so bring your bags and barrows next time if you want some .

Next Denburn digger day will be on October 5th at 10am when we hope to welcome new and old hands for weeding, pruning, raking leaves and possibly planting. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided at half time.

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