Committee Meeting Minutes, 22 March 2021

Crail Preservation Society

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Monday 22 March 2021, 7pm

via Zoom

Present: Dennis Gowans (Chairman), Kelsey Jackson Williams (Secretary), Lyall Dochard (Treasurer), David Jerdan, Jude Gallon, Paul Hutchison, Anne Black, Stephen Illingworth, Sandy Young, Kevin Thurlow, and Derek White.

1. No apologies were given.

2. Introductions were made to Lyall Dochard, the incoming treasurer.

3. Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting were approved as read.

4. Officers’ and Sub-Committees’ Reports were given as follows:

  • Jude Gallon gave the Membership Report.  50 memberships renewals have been received with ten days still to go before the deadline.  A significant number of donations have been received.  DG noted that a second kirkyard flyer would be circulated soon, which will hopefully elicit further membership subscriptions.  JG additionally noted the increasing necessity of allowing for memberships to be paid for via bank transfer.
  • Lyall Dochard gave the Treasurer’s Report.  As of 21 February the society is reporting a loss of £1,124, largely due to subscriptions still being received.  He noted that the CPS currently operates on a cash-based accounting principle and that this should be borne in mind when reading the accounts.  One cheque (for £20) had been rejected as it was completed incorrectly which emphasises the need for digital banking.  AB queried whether digital-only banking was appropriate for the Crail subscription base.  LD responded that a mixed digital/traditional method would be necessary.  LD then presented the key project summary and DG clarified that the ‘Memorial Grant’ by-lines represented subsequently recouped VAT.  LD noted that when the CPS decides to commit sums from our own reserves to projects, these should be minuted accordingly.  He noted that the bank mandates for both banks have now been updated and are in his name.
  • Paul Hutchison gave the Planning Report.  Nothing has arisen since the report given at the AGM.  He asked whether the CPS committee members might like to receive the summary of planning permissions received weekly from Fife Council.  It was agreed that this would be done.  Work on the Coastguard Station at Fife Ness is progressing well.
  • Kelsey Jackson Williams gave the Website Report.  The more recent committee minutes have not yet been posted and KJW noted that he would circulate these to the committee, confirm that nothing required redaction, and post accordingly.

5. Dennis Gowans reported on Fundraising.  The CPS is waiting to hear whether the Golfing Society would be willing to host another CPS charity golf tournament.  PH questioned whether the success of the first tournament could be replicated on an annual basis.  DJ commented on the likelihood of appetite for such an event in the wake of lockdown.  AB observed that there would likely be far fewer international visitors, which would negatively affect the success of such an event.  There was a general consensus that it was worthwhile attempting the event again if the golf club was willing.

6. Sandy Young gave the Doocot Report in his capacity as Doocot Manager.  The doocot has remained closed since Christmas and little has occurred other than recent sanding and re-treating of the door.  He is awaiting a response from the builders concerning redoing portions of harling and applying a new coat of lime wash.  Following on from the Scottish government roadmap, it looks likely that it will be able to reopen on 26 May.  DJ commended SY for planting the daffodils by the doocot.

7. Dennis Gowan gave the Kirkyard Project.  Fife Council’s works are drawing to a close.  They are now touching up the mortar prior to finishing the job and should be out by the end of the week.  A special in Crail Matters will follow as part of the CPS’s promotion of the kirkyard.  There is still a promise from Fife Council that the path will be reinstated.  The e-mail received today from the architects concerning the Lumsden monument still needs to be digested and discussed.

8. Paul Hutchison gave the Mercat Cross Project report.  He is awaiting an answer from HES concerning the promised £10,000.  Once this has been definitely secured, work can begin on the project.  Nothing can be started as yet as the other funding offers are dependent on the full amount required being received.

9. Dennis Gowans reported on Denburn Park. 

10. Dennis Gowans reported on Denburn Wood.  Some work is planned for putting concrete in the bed of one of the burns.  DJ added that the number of volunteers continues to increase.  DG noted that the remainder of the wood still needs to be transferred from Fife Council to community ownership and that this would likely occur after the current outstanding asset transfers in the village are resolved.

11. Small Projects and Updates:

  • The kirkyard brochure will be produced later in the year.
  • A Heritage Trail app exists, courtesy of the Museum, but has not yet been marketed.
  • Derek White reported that as part of the transfer of treasurer’s accounts to LD he had discovered a substantial quantity of CPS archival material.  A filing cabinet of CPS archival material is already present in the Museum and it was suggested that this cache could be added to the existing archive, although issues with access are a concern.  It was agreed that this would be addressed more systematically once there was greater freedom of movement.

12. AOCB:

  • Anne Black queried whether the tree inside the gate of the kirkyard would be taken down by the Council.  DG responded that it was on the same list as the one by the Mort House.  Fraser Reid has taken down the remainder of the dead elm and will be making it into something for the community.
  • Stephen Illingworth asked for a brief update on the Harbour Master’s House.  DG responded that it is not owned yet by the community trust but that progress is being made.
  • Kevin Thurlow asked for clarification on the decrease in membership in 2021.  JG responded that the society is still waiting for outstanding subscriptions and that the deadline for these is 31 March, so more should be expected.  KT asked if this was likely to be a problem, to which JG responded that we would need to wait until the deadline had passed before taking further action.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for 17 May 2021.

Respectfully submitted,

Kelsey Jackson Williams

Hon. Sec’y

22 March 2021

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