Denburn Dispatches, March 2020

Despite less promising weather (although it did stay dry for us) we still had a good turnout.

Several jobs are still ongoing such as removing silt from the burn and cutting excess ivy off trees and walls before it brings them down. We also took down and removed a diseased ash tree and moved a couple of hawthorn seedlings from dense cover to a situation where they were more likely get enough light to thrive while other seedling trees (such as the prolific elder and sycamore) were removed from locations where they were crowding other plants, the path or the burn.

The woods are glorious at the moment with still plenty of snowdrops but now enhanced with crocuses, daffodils, pulmonaria at ground level and many trees and shrubs are starting to blossom and shoot into leaf. It is definitely very spring-like in the Denburn Wood now.

Work on buttressing the graveyard wall seems to have stalled a little lately and it is still very unclear what the finished product will look like!

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