Denburn Dispatches, July 2021

At least it was dry for our stint in Denburn wood on 3rd July but it was very close and most of us worked up a good sweat. Numbers down still due to holidays, other volunteering opportunities etc but we did get one new recruit – so thank you to our latest newby.

The benches were cleaned again and the overgrowth around them cut back (again – I think I said this last month too!). All of us were on weeding and clearing duty today, some trying to keep the planted areas looking smart but most just tackling an area of cleavers (sticky-willy) and nettles which we disposed of by the barrowload. It may be hard to see much difference as the cleavers is really getting away from us – we could do with pulling some out for a couple of hours every day not once a month! However  all the paths are looking more passable so we’ll just have to keep doing what we can and not feel overwhelmed by it.

A sea of cleavers.

There are some lovely pastel colours in the weeded beds and the white flowering ground elder has taken over from the cow parsley lining the paths. I never thought I’d welcome the sight of ground elder (usually a gardener’s nightmare) but anything that can hold its own against the cleavers and nettles is to be admired. The elderflowers are now well out too, although they too have cleavers trying to strangle them.

Come and join us at 10am on Saturday August 7th for our next green gymn – we certainly had a pretty good workout today. Bring your own flask of tea/coffee for our mid time break – biscuits provided.

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