AGM Minutes, 4 May 2022

Crail Preservation Society

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 4 May 2022, 7.00pm

Town Hall, Crail

Present: Dennis Gowans (Chair), David Jerdan (Hon. Vice-President), Kelsey Jackson Williams (Secretary), Paul Hutchison, Jude Gallon, Ian Ramsay, Anne Black, Derek White, Gordon Main, Sutherland Madeiros, Dawn Black, and Liz McMahon.

Dennis Gowans announced the resignation of David Mann as Hon. President due to ill-health.  He proposed that David Jerdan be appointed to the vacant post which was unanimously accepted.

David Jerdan thanked David Mann for the service he has given to the CPS over a number of years.

1. Apologies were received from Sandy Young, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, Mr. and Mann, Kevin Thurlow, and Jan Diggelman.

2. Minutes of the AGM held 23 February 2021 were approved as read, Paul proposing and Jude seconding.

3. Dennis Gowans gave the Chairman’s Report.  The Mercat Cross and Kirkyard projects both moved forward over the last year and are now reaching completion.  Fife Council have also been active in the kirkyard with buttressing of the east wall and restoring two monuments on the south wall as well as assisting in the removal of the dial stone to its proper position.  The stone of the Lumsden monument is now being preserved to slow the decline of the carving and this should be finished next week.

            The doocot has been noticed in 111 Places in Fife You Shouldn’t Miss by Gillian Tait and has recently featured on the BBC website under ‘Your Pictures of Scotland’.  Denburn Wood continues to be beautifully maintained by a band of eager volunteers, though the removal of the trees felled by Storm Arwen proved costly and time-consuming.  The lease on the sheep field will terminate in March 2023.

            Dennis encouraged everyone to help maintain a strong membership for the society.  There are many fixed costs due to the ongoing maintenance of the society’s projects and properties.

            At this point, Gordon Main and Anne Black queried the presentation and history of the Pictish stone in Victoria Memorial Gardens.  It was suggested that signage and interpretive material should be considered.

4. Paul Hutchison gave the Planning Report.  2021 was taken up by three main issues.  The first was the garage at Miramar.  The garage was eventually passed as a variation upon the initial planning application.  The second was the fence around “Dr. Emsley’s garden” which is not entirely satisfactory.  The third was the application for a fixed outdoor dining area at the old bookshop.  The CPS successfully contested this and the dining area will now be moveable.

            He also reported on the completion of the Mercat Cross project after various unavoidable delays.  The only potential outstanding issue is the unexpectedly small size of the bollards.  He suggested that floodlighting of the area be considered.  It was generally agreed that the finished project was a great success and Paul was warmly commended by the meeting.

At this point David Jerdan noted formal thanks to Paul Hutchison and Marjory Richardson for their work on the project. 

5. David Jerdan noted that the delay to the date of the AGM – which has occurred later than would ordinarily be the case – was due to the disruption caused by the previous treasurer’s resignation last year.  The Annual Accounts have now been appropriately processed and he invited any interested parties to propose questions concerning them to Derek White in his role as acting treasurer.  The accounts were proposed by Gordon Main, seconded by Sutherland Madeiros, and so approved.  The AGM unanimously agreed that the subscription rates for last year be maintained.

6. This was followed by the Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members for 2022-2023.  All those proposed were elected as follows:

  • The current chair and secretary were re-elected and approved by the floor.
  • Paul Hutchison was re-elected as vice-chair until his departure from Crail at the end of 2022.
  • Dawn Black was elected as treasurer.
  • Liz McMahon and Jimmy Aird were elected as ordinary committee members and Kevin Thurlow, Jude Gallon, and Sandy Young likewise re-elected (Anne Black and Sutherland Madeiros will be stepping down from their current roles as ordinary committee members).

7. AOCB included a statement from Dennis Gowans that the charity golf tournament was on track for 23 September this year.  He also noted that an interpretive panel for the Lumsden monument was currently in production.

            Ian Ramsay noted that he has secured Nick Sweeney for repairs, surface treatment, and lime wash to the doocot.

            Gordon Main queried who Lumsden of Airdrie was and the secretary responded with a brief biography.  Anne Black noted that a history of the family was available for consultation at the museum.  Dennis Gowans added that an informational booklet on the kirkyard is currently in production by Crab Publishing.  Ian Ramsay observed that it seemed to be a very grave matter.

David Jerdan concluded with thanks to those attending and looked forward to seeing the committee at the meeting scheduled for the coming week.

Respectfully submitted,

Kelsey Jackson Williams

Hon. Sec’y

4 May 2022

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